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Solutions to trap fine air particles in urban areas on regenerable passive filters

TrapAparT's traps reduce the population's exposure to toxic particles. They can be installed on heavy traffic roads or train/subway stations and highly polluted areas, where pollution levels exceed WHO's recommendations.

Fine particle traps

The traps use a proprietary porous material that catches PM's as turbulences produced by moving vehicles project PM's onto the traps. The trapping material can be washed using water on a monthly basis. Washwaters are then collected and particles and other pollutants are safely eliminated.

The heart of the device

Several tests carried out in real life conditions have already started. In Paris, we are testing our traps at SNCF's Boulainvillier train station as part of a R&D program sponsored by Région Ile de France. We are also about to start tests on a road section in Strasbourg, as part of the Government Sponsored TIGA4 R&D project. These initial tests are scheduled to last until 2S20, with initial results expected late 2020.

Ongoing tests

Our modular design provides a high degree of flexibility and sizing possibilities to adapt to local conditions and optimize the positioning, further improving efficiency. Once they are installed, our traps are fully autonomous, do not require energy and are easy to maintain and regenerate.


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